Saturday, 18 June 2011

one day project - the alpenglow

a while back we were set a couple of one day projects to freshen us up a bit in the middle of all the longer briefs, i was daunted originally at the thought of having to get stuff done in such a small amount of time, but it actually helped me to recognise that i thoroughly prefer doing quick projects rather than spending weeks on something. it's because they take advantage of the way that i always have loads of enthusiasm when i first start working, and it forced me to sit and really get into that straight away, and there's no time for me to lose motivation and peter out.
this brief was to take the words from The Alpenglow scale (a list of terms to rate how spectacular a sunset looks in the alps) and apply them to a scale of our own choosing. my scale was for how freckled one can be. pretty cute i think..

"molto spento"
"piuevidente, ma ancora spento"
"poco piu che normale"

"bello e intenso"
"molto bello"

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