Friday, 24 June 2011

Thursday, 23 June 2011

cake please

why does my scanner refuse to properly pick up grey and peach tones? extremely frustrating when they're my favourite drawing colours :/
apologies for the terrible quality photo, it looks SO much prettier in person i swear!

but yeah, i need cake. so much so i felt like drawing some.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

story of isaac

so i'd meant to do this for ages, i finally got around to it - a nice drawing of Sadie and Isaac, it's a massive bummer that i can't afford to go see them for the first time in ages when they support Ritualz tomorrow, but c'est la vie i guess. boo.
sorry for the less than wonderful quality, but i don't have an A3 scanner so this was a try-and-hold-the-camera-exactly-above-and-as-still-as-possible job..

check them out here

edit: i notice that isaac's eye looks out of place, it looks less so on the real deal for some reason. gah!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

one day project - the alpenglow

a while back we were set a couple of one day projects to freshen us up a bit in the middle of all the longer briefs, i was daunted originally at the thought of having to get stuff done in such a small amount of time, but it actually helped me to recognise that i thoroughly prefer doing quick projects rather than spending weeks on something. it's because they take advantage of the way that i always have loads of enthusiasm when i first start working, and it forced me to sit and really get into that straight away, and there's no time for me to lose motivation and peter out.
this brief was to take the words from The Alpenglow scale (a list of terms to rate how spectacular a sunset looks in the alps) and apply them to a scale of our own choosing. my scale was for how freckled one can be. pretty cute i think..

"molto spento"
"piuevidente, ma ancora spento"
"poco piu che normale"

"bello e intenso"
"molto bello"

back to london

here's a quickie of a guy that was sleeping opposite me on the train back to euston earlier. now i'm back in the capital i'll resume uploading work/actually drawing stuff. fun times.

Monday, 6 June 2011


ok so here's a few of the images from the book illustration brief we had a few months back, i chose Frankenstein from the list of possibles. i did mine based on hands showing the key moments of good and evil behaviour through the plot from doctor frankenstein and the monster (fineliner for good, monoprints for evil).
the book was pretty uninspiring, although i did think that it demonstrated well the concept of halo theory. one will attribute positive personality characteristics to persons that are deemed to be physically attractive, and the same with the opposite. even though the monster is nothing but purely good at the start of it's life, people perceive it as evil simply based on appearance. i wanted originally to explore the idea of trying to show the good and evil acts of the 2 main characters through the aesthetic quality of the images, without being detracted from by the inherent physical appearance of them, but that was something of a tall order based on my lack of skill at following projects through properly :/ i do think they're quite ok studies of hands though in their own right.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

the rat

my favourite rat from the hunterian museum, i did start to do this up bigger onto the wall at my house (the rat) but my landlord boarded over the walls where everyone had been painting. half-assed landlord diy ftl. our corridor used to look cool...

the man who planted trees

we were each given a personal project to work on by our tutor that he felt would suit us in some way, mine was to read the book The Man Who Planted Trees and do whatever i felt suited it. i started off with the intention to make patterned paper from woodengravings, but the nerves in my hands had other plans. in the end i did lino instead for the patterned paper, and made a bookshelf using it. if the walls in my house weren't made of 1 layer of plasterboard then i would screw it up on the wall like it's intended, but i like it on my desk anyway aha.

mapping project from foundation

the route i took to and from college and work on a friday drawn out, cut from book pages and sewn together with embroidery silk for a textiles project on mapping. i still really like this, it's so lovely and tactile.

N15 6RH zine

one of our projects this year was to pick a number out of a hat and make a series of books based on whichever number we got, mine was 65. in the end i decided on making a run of 11 zines (6+5) filled with portraits of the people living in my house at the time (more or less)
it's funny looking back at this and seeing how different some of us are in the space of just a few months, and how some of the people are completely gone from my life now. change fascinates me.
i might do another one of these just to look at how different my house is now.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

i like to draw letters

letters are my favourite thing to doodle.

Friday, 3 June 2011

a nice little wood engraving

this would have been one of 5 for making patterned paper for my The Man Who Planted Trees project, but wood engraving apparently doesn't agree with the nerves in my hands and made my fingers go numb for about a week after doing this. no more wood engraving for me.

Thursday, 2 June 2011