Monday, 6 June 2011


ok so here's a few of the images from the book illustration brief we had a few months back, i chose Frankenstein from the list of possibles. i did mine based on hands showing the key moments of good and evil behaviour through the plot from doctor frankenstein and the monster (fineliner for good, monoprints for evil).
the book was pretty uninspiring, although i did think that it demonstrated well the concept of halo theory. one will attribute positive personality characteristics to persons that are deemed to be physically attractive, and the same with the opposite. even though the monster is nothing but purely good at the start of it's life, people perceive it as evil simply based on appearance. i wanted originally to explore the idea of trying to show the good and evil acts of the 2 main characters through the aesthetic quality of the images, without being detracted from by the inherent physical appearance of them, but that was something of a tall order based on my lack of skill at following projects through properly :/ i do think they're quite ok studies of hands though in their own right.

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