Monday, 10 January 2011


drew these whilst pretty epic-ly wasted and listening to MGMT, you can tell that i got more fucked even in the space of 1 track playing through hahaa
the first one is the best thing i've drawn in a while imo, i really really like it :)

sleepy shrewsbury

doodling whilst sat waiting for chris in the shrewsbury sbux, there was a baby on the other side of the window.


ok it really doesn't translate well when scanned, but this is something i like doing in my spare time - cutting up old maps. i plan to do this entire book.
as promised, here's a properly scanned version of the celery drawing x

you come on just like special k


a couple of christmassy drawings i did in the holidays, nothing particularly special, but i like them.


from the first 2nd year project, some observational drawings from Kew Gardens. i like the pine needles, they're a lot looser than how i usually drawww