Thursday, 31 March 2011

lifedrawing portraits

going to the morning session for lifedrawing was a really good idea, i should do it more often. lifedrawing is infinitely better when it's not horrifically crowded and i can actually get a decent space. the model was off ill so we took turns drawing portraits of everyone, these are the ones i think actually came out ok (after susan gave me advice on how to get eye placement better).
the one of bertie is the best i think (the last one).
i wish i'd gotten to see the ones of me properly, as well as posing for the portrait alone i sat with susan for a 2 person full pose at the end, i snuck a peek at 1 person's work on that one and it was rather interesting, i like seeing drawings of myself! it's like a photo but it's a person's subjective view of you instead, that's pretty cool.
i'm quite sad that i didn't start going to morning sessions earlier in the year. i would probably have missed a lot less lifedrawing if i wasn't constantly giving it a miss coz of thinking it'd be too much hassle turning up 5 minutes late. oh well :/

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

there's a very good chance that once again the tutors have lost one of my sketchbooks

i am going to end up crying in the toilets tomorrow if this turns out to be true. there was a bunch of stuff i liked in that little moleskine, including some romantic scribbles off sergei and the originals of the first stuff i ever got published. i'm going to murder something/someone if i don't get it back :(

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

where house

a few of the photos i took the other day as part of my printmaking project.
note: the decomposing sofa is in the street, not inside my house lol

taken with my Canon AE1 (love)