Friday, 3 September 2010

so here's the first of my summer projects that's actually ready to be sent to martin, i'll post it tomorrow morning. i should have scanned it to show it properly, but i bound it before i thought of that haha 0__o
it looks bad on the photos, but it's not quite that bad in person

things like this don't translate well when you can't see the detail. there's lots of weeny lines and the colours are nice, honest.
it's basically doodles that i did while killing time waiting for/on trains recently. i feel like i'm always travelling. this could have been executed a million times better but meh. i would have liked to have screenprinted them or something maybe..

all bound together into a little book.
i do rather love making books.

i don't know why i didn't scan these before i bound them though, they look proper shite through my mac camera doobery, you can't see any detail at all, and the lines are really all they have going for them! aha

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