Friday, 3 September 2010

3 projects done!

so there we have it...! 3 of my projects done and it only took me until just before 8am haha 0__o
now i've just got to post these and hope he's not annoyed they will all arrive about the same time, and then get cracking on the last 3 (or however many i actually get done seeing as zoe said she only got 4 in last year and the repercussions weren't bad at all)

i'm already most of the way through the little Bad Week book, so that i can definitely finish tomorrow...just the other 2 i was thinking of...
  1. a largish drawing of somewhere nice in shrewsgay
  2. collage work based on the ridiculous amount of magazines i've bought
  3. silhouette portraits of me, melissa and alice
  4. maybe if i go and watch cheesy asian horror films with darryn tomorrow i can take some photos and do something with that to justify going and missing time i should be doing work
  5. a little book of the double exposure/colour filter diana instax photos i've been doing a lot of over summer (i don't care what anyone says, some photography is just illustration with light and chemicals)
aghh, going back to ldn on sunday morning to hopefully get home for this year sorted finally, i hope i don't have to stay for long, i have like a week until the deadline (maybe, coz nobody seems to know for sure), and i'd like to get six projects done to be honest

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