Thursday, 17 June 2010

ok i do have stuff i want to upload, nothing special really but just some nice doodling i was doing on the train, but the screen of my mac got smashed the other night and when i try and import stuff from my scanner the options are hidden behind the bit of the screen that doesn't work so they will have to wait :(
i really want to send my baby off to get fixed now, but i have to make an appointment with the genius bar at the mac store to do that and they're booked up until i have to leave london at the end of the week and i can't book an appointment for more than a week in advance so i'll have to probably wait until i've taken my stuff back to shrews, then make an appointment and come back to ldn and stay with people when i get it fixed.
it's a bit sad that i actually couldn't bear to be away from my mac even when only 1/3 of the screen works, or i could just leave it with melissa and get her to take it in for me, but then i'd be laptopless for ages 0___o
technology addiction much?

but yeah, so when it IS finally fixed, i'll put up the little window i drew in oxford, some instax photos i took recently, and the 2 drawings i did on the train. maybe by then i'll have gotten some more actual work done. i really need to crack on with these summer projects. must draw some more things to do with tights, i might go over to alice's and draw a bit later this eve :]

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