Monday, 17 May 2010

so these are the images for the print project we had just before the end of the year, i was doing my favourite places around london for various things, these were sit/eat/drink/draw. this isn't how the final images looked, the text is missing here and they were screenprinted onto colours related to the image, like the chinese restaurant was on red etc. i didn't really like how the final thing ended up, i was too lazy over the easter holidays and didn't get the drawings done in time, then didn't get the images printed in enough time to realise that i would actually have much rather printed them at a smaller scale, like A5 rather than A3, and bound them into a little guidebook sort of thing. i should have done more places too really.

this is something that i might redo over the summer as one of the projects for martin, there's a load of stuff i want to do for that though...not sure if this will make it in seeing as they're supposed to be about places we go/things we do, and i won't be around london enough or have access to a printing studio without having to pay for one. hmmmm

but yeah, so there's my favourite bench in lincoln's inn fields, the chinese i always end up going to on gerrard street where they do good squid, flat white on berwick street which has the best coffee i've had in london, and the hunterian museum in lincoln's inn fields which is full of awesome deformed stuff in jars. i might go there tomorrow for a bit of a draw before i do the wolf thing for enora, i've not actually drawn anything proper in a while, i feel like i need to warm up. plus i just love sitting in the quiet semi-dark and drawing all by myself :]

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